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профиль компании

The company "GALA Mobile" (GALA Furniture) was founded in 1999 in g.ınegёl deemed "furniture production center in Turkey", in line with the feasibility of the staff employees of a number of Universities. Our company has set a goal to contribute to a more comfortable living space where people spend most of their on time. Today, the company supplies its high quality products, impeccable design, careful finishing of parts and many other attractive properties, consumers not only domestically, but also in all four corners of the world , a total of 76 Countries of the world. THUS, the company "GALA mobile" uniting of them are products anything that might get in the range of expectations of consumers, along with modular sets of bedroom furniture, dining room sets for young couples, also producesr soft furniture and cabin kits, using the latest advances in technology and equipment, were workers fleet machinery and company cars. with voey aspiration innovative company "GALA Mobile" confident steps toward the goal - to become a "global brands", is constantly updating them are products, manufactured the Efforts of highly qualified personnel of workers and employees of the Department of Design, Department of research and product development. These products, Continually expanding through new subjects, pretends to be featured as a "fashion products in the world of furniture . "


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